• Coach Me, Coach Us

    Executives, entrepreneurs, managers, individual millennial - boomers, coaching is available virtual global, phone and face to face.

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    Executive & Individual Coaching

    1. Single Session Intensive

    2. 4 - 8 Week Process

    3. Maintenance

    We explore the relationship between financial behavior, career, work/family fit, well-being and beliefs. We help you identify patterns or behavior impacting you personally, professionally, and financially. By being willing to transform old habits, strategies are linked to your talent, experience and time of life. For entrepreneurs we may do a business plan, for others, budget and cashflow, for others career and life coaching.

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    Relationship Coaching

    6 Week ProgrAM

    Finances, parenting styles even values in relationship are often different. We help couples identify money and other patterns causing conflict in their relationship. With tenderness and empathy couples learn healthy ways to dialogue so they can co-create financial well being and work/family future in a mutually supportive way.

    Case study: https://www.annabelhall.com.au/news/working-mum-naomi-waters/

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    Mastery Circles

    A 4 - 8 weekly group experience

    Mastery circles provide a low cost space to examine and understand your relationship with money, work, purpose to identify any unconscious money patterns, beliefs or behaviors that inhibit you from experiencing a fulfilling and prosperous future.