• Money Coaching

    This holistic coaching program is unique and culminated from over 25 years experience in facilitating deep transformation within individuals and organizations. It is based on advances in Neuroscience, Developmental Psychology, Integral perspectives and Spiritual Intelligence. The approach has three phases and has helped Leaders, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Organizations, Individuals, Couples and Investors adopt a healthy and more fulfilling relationship and perspective towards money.


    After embarking on the core coaching process in 4 sessions, together we identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current money story, explore incremental and significant steps to evolve and replace old patterns, and practice new and improved behaviors. Money coaching first and foremost offers a deep, inner heart centered approach to prosperity.

    1. We Explore

    Financial habits within the wider perspective of your life, potential, concern for others, wellbeing and link this to your talent, values, and wisdom held deep within.

    2. We Unravel

    The messages learned during childhood that conflict with your career aspirations, financial, lifestyle choices and introduce you to different forms of capital.

    3. We Transform

    Using various tools, limiting patterns so you can contribute your best self and integrate this into your career, finances, family, business and investments.

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