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  • Our Process

    Our unique coaching and education process is based on advances in Neuroscience, Developmental Psychology and Integral perspectives. It is designed to help Leaders, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Organizations, Individuals, Couples and Investors to co-create a more prosperous, fulfilling and meaningful life.

    1. We Explore

    Financial habits within the wider perspective of your life, potential, concern for others, wellbeing and link this to your talent, values, and wisdom held deep within.

    2. We Unravel

    The messages learned during childhood that conflict with your career aspirations, financial, lifestyle choices and introduce you to different forms of capital.

    3. We Transform

    Using various tools, limiting patterns so you can contribute your best self and integrate this into your career, finances, family, business and investments.

    Why Our Service, We Care, We Have The Expertise?

    Money is symbolic for other things. Our process is rapid in 4 weeks you will have insight to make a change. By being conscious about your money type you can break limiting beliefs, patterns, clarify goals, live with purpose, and contribute your best self.


    We want this for you!

  • Client Comments

    I am forever grateful for your coaching, insight and expertise! I am absolutely seeing how much it helped...daily. Thank you...from Dee.

    Business Owner Manhattan Beach


    Alisa, Graphic Designer, Santa Monica


    Money & Career

    “What started off as Money Coaching with Michelle became something much more - a business plan and look at my motivations, which got me to the heart of where I ultimately wanted to be in my career and personal life. Money is the starting point of a very interesting journey."

    Alisa, Graphic Designer, Santa Monica


    Money Family & Inheritance

    Michelle's coaching, framework and the wisdom she imparts empowered me to talk to my parents about their financial legacy, crystallized my own relationship with money and helped me forward toward my own goals".

    Laura, Marketing Manager UCLA, Los Angeles

  • Financial/Economic and Work/Life Fit Challenges: Numbers speak!

    Did you know? $20 trillion or 27% of the worlds total wealth is controlled by women. In the U.S. alone women exercise control over $11.2 trillion and its' growing. CT Innovation. BUT THIS IR A PITTANCE COMPARED TO MEN. Women face systemic barriers when it comes to finances and it starts early. Education, salary inequality, Boardroom tokenism, the media ....we are not educated or empowered equally and this imbalance is costing humanity.

    • Women (59%), millennial and ultra wealthy are saying the are social & environmental impact of their portfolio is important. U.S. Trust/ Merrill Lynch
    • Employees who are financially unfit cost $2,000 each in lost productivity each year.
    • A recent Legg Mason study found investors spend 80 minutes a day thinking or worrying about money which equates to 20 full days a year, plus 24% of Americans think about money on a daily basis. 2015 BankingRates survey
    • 67% of employees lack the knowledge to make sound financial decisions.
    • 1 in 3 employees takes a hardship loan from their 401(k) every year.
    • 64% of people say that money is a somewhat or very significant source of stress. American Psychological Association
    • Arguing about money is the top predictor of divorce. Sonya Britt, a Kansas State University 2013 and according to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers "problems relating to financial matters are a major reason marriages breakdown".
    • Couples experience fear, tension, anger and conflict, when they lack clear agreements around money and domestic duties, 70% of women in the U.S. are doing all the house work.
    • Millennials stress about credit card debt, budgeting, edu costs & lifestyle.
    • Gen Xers and Gen Y stress about money, work life balance, and job security.
    • Baby Boomers face challenges with aging, health care & funding retirement.

  • Coach Me

    Executives, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Individuals millennial - boomers, Business and Group Coaching available virtual global, phone, face to face.

    Executive & Individual Coaching

    1. Single Session Intensive

    2. 4 - 8 Week Process

    3. Maintenance

    We explore the relationship between financial behavior, career, work/family fit, well-being and beliefs. We help you identify patterns or behavior impacting you personally, professionally, and financially. By being willing to change, strategies are linked to your talent, experience and time of life. For entrepreneurs we may do a business plan, for others, budget and cashflow, for others career and life coaching.

    Relationship Coaching

    6 Week ProgrAM

    Finances, parenting styles even values in relationship are often different. We help couples identify money and other patterns causing conflict in their relationship. With compassion and empathy couples learn healthy ways to dialogue so they can co-create a financial and work/family future in a mutually supportive way.

    Case study: https://www.annabelhall.com.au/news/working-mum-naomi-waters/

    Mastery Circles

    A 4 - 8 weekly group experience

    Mastery circles provide a low cost space to examine and understand your relationship with money, work, purpose to identify any unconscious money patterns, beliefs or behaviors that inhibit you from experiencing a fulfilling and prosperous future.

  • Coach Us

    Corporate, Speaking & Retreats.

    Business & Corporate Coaching and Training

    Startups, Corporations and Existing Businesses

    Whether you are start up or a seasoned player, our coaching identifies the core archetypes and inhibitors influencing the strength and weaknesses of your business. By engaging you at a behavioral level, we quickly embark and facilitate a collaborative change process leading to your advancement and success.

    Speaking Engagements

    Conferences, Corporations, Colleges, Schools and Associations

    We deliver awesome key note speeches, presentations, seminars and workshops about the lifetime benefits of financial and economic behavioral intelligence and investment linked to purpose, wisdom, leadership, wellbeing, and career/family integration.

    Off Site Retreat

    2 day annual intensive

    This unique learning experience forms the nexus between wisdom, wealth and wellbeing. It provides a magnificent space to pause, unravel internal barriers, patterns and discover inner wisdom and wealth.  It is held on a remote 40 acre ranch in the foothills of Sierra Madre at the northern reach of Santa Barbara County. Only 2.5 hrs from Los Angele, it adjoins the Los Padres National Forest.

  • We want you to actualize your leadership & financial potential!

    "Our goal is to raise the collective consciousness about 'financial filters' and self-limiting beliefs that stifle finances, women and ways people contribute their unique and best self to humanity so that unencumbered, people can live, create and contribute a more wholesome and prosperous life.

    There is enough, I am enough."

    Michelle A. Waters


    Michelle is also the Founder of Co-Creating Leaders where she consults and coaches business leaders and individuals on the bottom line benefit from optimizing feminine and masculine leadership excellence in business.


    She is Co-Author: The Orange Line: A Woman's Guide to Integrating Career, Family & Life a book based on 118 interviews of college educated women across the USA outlining the skills, tools and behavior women can leverage to have it all without doing it all!


    Certified Money Coach (CMC)®

    Michelle is a Certified Money Coach®. She holds a M. Management and B.Sp. Ed., Monash University, Australia and Certificate of Welfare Studies (Counseling) from the Institute of Social Welfare. While holding SVP and VP roles in the U.S. she completed the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. Prior to this she held senior roles in the finance and University sector and ran her own business for a decade. She is Board Treasurer for eChange Endeavors and Advisor on Women Entrepreneurs for Braid Theory braidtheory.com.

  • Money Quiz

    Request the Money Quiz, it takes a few minutes to complete and return to schedule a FREE 30 minute feedback consultation!

  • The Path To Independence

    "We help each client gain awareness of their unique worth and discover their higher purpose so they can optimize their creative potential to serve people and planet" Michelle A. Waters


    We encourage a growth mindset, financial responsibility, accountability and spiritual wholeness.

    Freedom & Balance

    We challenge self-limiting beliefs and behavior around money that can sabotage relationships, health, wellbeing, career, business and personal freedom. We align this with work/life integration.


    "Coping with financial issues, both practically and psychologically, continues to be a major life struggle for millions of people and yet, there is very little help available. Money Coaching assists individuals in identifying and moving beyond these restrictions. This can result in much greater personal satisfaction, increased abundance, and enhanced success in life."

    Deborah Price, CEO Money Coaching Institute


    This holistic coaching program is unique and culminated from over 25 years experience in facilitating deep transformation within individuals and organizations. 

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