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#'s Don't Lie

The importance of everyone making and managing their money

Did you know? $20 trillion or 27% of the worlds total wealth is controlled by women. In the U.S. alone women exercise control over $11.2 trillion and its' growing at a huge rate. CT Innovation. THIS IS A PITTANCE COMPARED TO MEN; women face systemic barriers when it comes to finances and it starts early. Education, salary inequality, Boardroom tokenism, the media ....women are not educated or empowered equally with managing finances and this imbalance is costing humanity. we all need to be good stewards of our money!

  • Women (59%), millennial and ultra wealthy are saying the social & environmental impact of their portfolio is important. Women invest differently. U.S. Trust/ Merrill Lynch.
  • Employees who are financially unfit cost $2,000 each in lost productivity each year.
  • A recent Legg Mason study found investors spend 80 minutes a day thinking or worrying about money which equates to 20 full days a year, plus 24% of Americans think about money on a daily basis. 2015 BankingRates survey
  • 67% of employees lack the knowledge to make sound financial decisions.
  • 1 in 3 employees takes a hardship loan from their 401(k) every year.
  • 64% of people say that money is a somewhat or very significant source of stress. American Psychological Association
  • Arguing about money is the top predictor of divorce. Sonya Britt, a Kansas State University 2013 and according to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers "problems relating to financial matters are a major reason marriages breakdown".
  • Couples experience fear, tension, anger and conflict, when they lack clear agreements around money and domestic duties, 70% of women in the U.S. are doing all the house work.
  • Millennials stress about credit card debt, budgeting, edu costs & lifestyle.
  • Gen Xers and Gen Y stress about money, work life balance, and job security.
  • Baby Boomers face challenges with aging, health care & funding retirement.